Suha Oner , General Sales Manager
“If there’s a car at the auction, there’s usually something wrong with it,” Oner says. “Then you’ve got to pay auction fees and transportation fees. By the time you get the car to the dealership, that’s seven to eight days” depending on the auction house. Add to those numbers the time to detail and recondition the vehicle, take photos and list it on your website. That becomes 10 to 14 days by the time the car hits your lot, he says.
Ed French , VAN Partner
Automotive expert, Ed French, explains why VAN works for dealerships!
Jeremy Hensel ,
Jeremy Hensel explains how VAN has shifted their goal structure in used vehicles. He provides some great tips and how VAN has helped them reach their goals.
Joe Beuckman , Dealer Principal
This testimonial video features Joe Beuckman and Brent Faron from Bo Beuckman Ford, which has been serving the Metro St. Louis and Ellisville areas since 1970. Joe is the Dealer Principal and Brent is the Used Car Manager. Bo Beuckman Ford has been partnered with VAN since August 2017 and has acquired more than 500 vehicles from consumers since this time. In the video, Brent and Joe share insights about how the VAN platform and partnership has benefitted their business.
Josh Winders , Inventory Director, Nelson Auto Group (Tulsa, OK)
Josh leads a team of 10 buyers across 4 locations in Oklahoma, sourcing nearly 200 used vehicles each month from private party sellers, with or without a vehicle trade. He says that VAN is great for starting conversations with private sellers who have vehicles you need, and that it's working for you on that while you are not.
Carl Bauer , GM, Martin Nissan (Skokie, IL)
Carl and his team at Martin Nissan began using the V.A.N platform in the early part of 2018. Through VAN’s partnership, the dealership is producing 50-100 new opportunities each month from consumers listing their vehicles online for sale. A lot of times these sellers also need to buy another car. I definitely recommend reaching out to VAN. We are glad to have them part of our team.
Aaron Gomez , Purchasing Director, Prosale Nation (Houston, TX)
Aaron has been using VAN since 2014. He has purchased hundreds of vehicles from private sellers during this time. With more than 16 years in the used car business, Gomez knows what it takes to be successful. And by “successful” we mean profitable.
Danny Zaslavsky , GM, Country Hill Motors (Mission, KS)
Danny Zaslavsky is the General Manager at Country Hill Motors has helped grow his family’s business into one of the region’s most successful independent auto dealerships, and one that also invests in its community. As a V.A.N. user since 2017, he sat down with us to talk about how his dealership has used V.A.N. to increase their local visibility and boost sales through quality – and quirky – vehicle acquisition.
David Long , Used Vehicle Director, Del Grande Dealer Group (San Jose, CA)
DGDG more than sells 31,000 vehicles per year and relies heavily on pre-owned vehicle purchases. Vehicle Acquisition Network has partnered with the Del Grande Dealer Group to provide technology to source pre-owned vehicles direct from private sellers. The vehicles purchased through V.A.N. turn faster and have a higher average profit per car. David’s team and our solution make a great team!
Mark Artibey , General Sales Manager, Best Ford Knox (Knox, IN)
Mark’s team receives on average 5-7 phone calls a day from private sellers that Best Ford Knox has initiated contact with using V.A.N. Through their refined process, Mark purchases 10-15 used vehicles a month at book value and better. “Once the customer arrives in the store,” Mark says he has all the information ready, hands the customer a check and they are on their way. With V.A.N., Best Ford Knox is able to decrease average turn on vehicles from 45 days to 2-3 weeks.
Burnell King , Purchasing Manager, Sam Swope Auto Group (Louisville, KY)
Sam Swope buys 100-125 used vehicles each month using Vehicle Acquisition Network, which makes up more than 10% of Sam Swope’s inventory turn across its 15 stores. V.A.N. makes it possible for Burnell to generate leads with consumers to acquire vehicles he would not be able to acquire without the tool. “It’s a different approach,” says King.
Jake Sodikoff , General Manager, Steven KIA (Harrisonburg, VA)
With the Vehicle Acquisition Network, Steven KIA has been able to reach entirely new segments of the used market that the dealership was never accessing prior and connect with customers they never knew existed. “We just try to be nice, friendly, and give people the opportunity to sell their vehicles in a trustworthy place.”
Joe Humphrey , President, The Preowned Source, LLC. (Ocala, FL)
Joe has been with using the Vehicle Acquisition Network with the Preowned Source since 2013. With V.A.N. Joe and his team are more easily able to identify vehicles on the street, playing a huge role in their ability to earn the trust and business of private sellers.
Chuck Harvey , Owner and General Manager, Racine Automotive Group (Sussex, WI)
Chuck has been on the Vehicle Acquisition Network since early 2015. He loves how V.A.N. puts him in front of customers and lets him build relationships. It allows him to find vehicles he normally would not find, at a pace and a cost that is better for him than with traditional dealer auctions. “This is a people business,” he says, “and it always will be…full transparency is always important.”