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VAN | vAuto

This partnership allows ProfitTime GPS customers access to the most comprehensive listing of cars available for private party sale in their local market. This enables you to quickly identify the most profitable vehicles for acquisition so that you can make intelligent, profitable buying decisions.

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Seamless Platform Connections

VAN's partnership with vAuto allows for the seamless, automated connection of all classified listings into the vAuto platform.

Organized in Global Acquisition for dealers to make faster, data-based decisions of Street Purchase opportunities.

Elevate Your Stocking Strategy

How do you prioritize which listings you engage with?

Combining your strategy action with your stocking grade allows you to hyper-focus on the classified listings that will have the biggest impact for your dealership. 



Why Do I Need Both Platforms?

Tracking of your teams activities are paramount in the current competitive landscape of today’s automotive marketplace. When you’re leveraging integrated tools, it facilities efficiencies and scale.

Do more with VAN and vAuto:

  • Record Notes - Pushing them to CRM
  • Click to Call/Text - Embedded Communication Tool
  • Listing History - Quickly Identify Price Reductions
  • Plate to VIN
  • Customized View of the SRP 

Learn About VAN +

How VAN Works For Your Dealership.

VAN opens the door to the vehicles you’re currently missing. Our technology pulls top-quality consumer cars from a wide range of online marketplaces, connecting you directly with the seller. Backed by our expert support team, our tool gives you the power to expand your brand, increase your market share, and develop long-term relationships, all at a fraction of the cost.