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Frequently Asked Questions


Got questions about private vehicle acquisition?

VAN has answers!

How is VAN different from KBB ICO?

KBB ICO provides dealers with leads from people who have submitted their car's details to the KBB website. This is considered a "passive" acquisition strategy and these leads go to multiple dealers and the sellers expect to be contacted by those dealers. VAN is an "active" acquisition strategy and reaches cars for sale by people who would not have otherwise considered selling to a dealer. Many of our dealers use both KBB ICO and VAN together. 

How is VAN different from VINCUE?

VAN is singularly focused on helping dealers get more used inventory from the FSBO market. We've spent the last 10 years building the best-in-class private party acquisition tool which is why we pull listings from more marketplaces, have more phone numbers, and have more available cars than anyone else.

Does VAN integrate with my existing tools?

VAN integrates with most CRM systems, KBB ICO, Automotive Mastermind and Roadster.  VAN also recently partnered with vAuto for full API integration. VAN makes your existing process trackable, efficient, and scalable allowing your team to buy more cars.

Can you do motorcycles, boats, RVs, power sports, etc?

Yes, we do offer accounts for motorcycles and RVs. At this time we do not offer power sports, boats, or any items outside of autos, motorcycles, and RVs.

What is needed from a staffing and resource perspective to operate your Vehicle Acquisition Software successfully?

We strongly recommend that dealerships identify (or hire) an acquisition specialist whose sole focus is to oversee their acquisition strategies (passive and active). This role should not be blended with other existing roles.

What advantages are there for a customer to sell to a dealer?

VAN is fast, safe and easy!

A “Cash Buyer” can turn an offer into money quickly and the consumer saves time. Time is money!

How much does VAN cost?

Pricing is based on features and territory and starts at $1,000 per month.

What kind of support and resources can I expect from VAN after I sign up?

Our performance managers are the best in the industry! Not only do we thoroughly guide your onboarding but we work with your acquisition specialist(s) to ensure that their in-market strategy best serves your dealership needs. 

We also have the entire platform documented via video tutorials (VANU) exclusively for VAN clients!

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