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Buy Center Acquisition Coaching™

Our Team Raises the Bar on Software Support and Training.

Any software system is only as good as its users. Dealers will only get out of VAN what they put in, and it can be challenging to determine where the software is being underutilized.

In-Depth Platform Knowledge
  • Effective utilization of the software system is crucial for maximizing its benefits.
  • Dealers must actively engage with VAN to reap its full potential.
  • Identifying areas of underutilization can be a complex task.

Proactive Partnership
  • Leverage VAN for market advantage.
  • Emphasize strategic partnerships in Acquisition Coaching™.
  • Utilize data-driven insights for tailored improvement.
Acquisition Coaching Session™
  • Receive weekly coaching sessions from your assigned acquisition coach during your first month of buying on VAN.
  • Ongoing, recurring coaching sessions to review your progress and provide best practices for store improvement.
  • Access regular training sessions focusing on common utilization issues and best practices.
Industry Experience
Industry Experience 
  • Acquisition Coaches™ are car enthusiasts with decades of combined experience buying cars directly from private sellers.
  • They have a unique ability to comprehend your business, which helps improve overall performance.
  • Their expertise is crucial for achieving your purchasing goals and ensuring ongoing success.

Acquisition Coaches™ are available exclusively with our Professional and Accelerate subscription plans. For detailed pricing information, please see here.

Client Testimonial

Born Out of the Need to Acquire More of the Right Vehicles.

"We're acquiring between 50 to 60 cars a month. VAN has been an unbelievable and great resource in our market, providing some of the highest quality leads along with a lot of volume. They've been a great partner, and we love VAN."

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