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Provide the best communication tools and methods available to assist our Dealer Partners in acquiring pre-owned inventory direct from private sellers and be MORE PROFITABLE over the long term.


Average dealers rely on auctions. Savvy dealers run Consumer-Friendly Buy Centers.


V.A.N. Dealers are More Efficient and More Profitable.


V.A.N is not for the average dealer. It is sold exclusively to the RIGHT partners.

Tap Into Private Seller Markets

When you’re trying to keep your pre-owned lot stocked with high-quality, in-demand vehicles, dealing with auctions can be costly and time-consuming, plus you always risk having your price bid up by competing dealers.

With V.A.N. you go straight to the source, acquiring pre-owned vehicles directly from private sellers in your target market.

Acquire More Leads and Customers

Text messaging is the preferred method of communication for a growing number of consumers. V.A.N. Dealers see response rates from Leads on average of 35%. When you combine numbers like this with a quality follow up process you’re well on your way to becoming one of the “Best of the Best” in the business.

Be More Efficient and Profitable

V.A.N. saves you time and money by automatically searching online listings to locate your most sought-after units from independent sellers in your area. Find the pre-owned vehicles you want faster than your competitors for hundreds less than you would pay at auction.

Free Market Analysis

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