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Your Fully Customizable Street Purchase Command Center

The VAN Suite Of Products

The Pillars of Our Platform Are Built With Products to Streamline Your Private Vehicle Acquisitions


VAN FUEL is the most advanced private seller inventory market scan software available.  FUEL constantly monitors your market area for predefined vehicles being offered for sale.  You’ll find vehicles you would have never seen and talk to sellers that you would have never known using FUEL. FUEL updates from over 18 providers in the United States and Canada, providing a more comprehensive market view than any other provider. FUEL also helps you be more efficient by removing salvage, dealer and other undesirable vehicles before they ever make it to your results. FUEL provides a constantly updating data view of your market that can be filtered and sorted by virtually any factor including make, model, miles, CPO eligible, EV, days online and many more.  


VAN CONVERSE is the only private party acquisition solution that provides in application communication with private sellers.  CONVERSE has all the most desirable communication features including text messaging (*over 90% of texts are read within 30 minutes), click to call telephone connection capabilities all within the vehicle details page so you can reference all the vehicle information while conversing with private sellers.  Every vehicle listing retains all communication with the seller without having to leave the listing page to search for old communications.  CONVERSE also has the ability to create and save custom response templates for more efficient and effective communications!


VAN ENGAGE is a full featured Seller Relationship Management system within the application.  We refer to it as SRM because sellers are not typical customers.  Their greatest concern when first approached by a dealer is that they will be ”sold” something.  By creating a unique approach and centralized hub for sellers, you move past leads and begin developing relationships with consumers in your market. ENGAGE has follow up and appointment setting features that can be planned into custom tasks.  Users can add notes, appraisal information and offers to sellers within each VDP.  ENGAGE keeps track and provides reporting on contacts, offers, appraisals and acquisitions, every step in the funnel! ENGAGE integrates seamlessly with vAuto, Carfax and AutoCheck.  New seller opportunities can be transferred instantly to your vAuto account for appraisal, offer and inventory matching. ENGAGE can be integrated to virtually any automotive ADF CRM and receive seller opportunities from many providers including KBB ICO, Automotive Mastermind, Roadster and most banner ad forms.  Reporting can be customized by any number of factors and automated to send recap reports to key decision makers for accountability.  


VAN NAVIGATE pushes the envelope even further with a Google Chrome Extension that enables dealers to work with the VAN solutions without leaving the listing provider page. Users can update notes, add seller information and open a new tab to transfer to vAuto for appraisals. NAVIGATE eliminates the need to toggle back and forth to each tab in order to update live conversations. NAVIGATE rests on the sidebar of the browser tab until you need it, and provides efficiencies so that buyers and acquisition specialists can focus on the sellers!  NAVIGATE allows users to source vehicles in the locations they choose while retaining the efficiency and scalability of the FUEL platform.  


VAN Automation super-charges our Converse product and starts communicating with sellers right away. Leveraging industry best practices, a series of text-based communications are sent on your behalf. The power of our automations allow you to build winning processes to your private vehicle acquisition strategies!

This feature is available with VAN’s  Accelerate Subscription.



Get your vehicle acquisition team out of the gates and buying from the street with a great package that will produce you immediate results.

  • FUEL


Built for those larger teams that want to take more advantage of robust automations and workflows. All tiers get that renowned VAN support.

  • FUEL

“Ten out of ten, it puts everything in one spot for me. I would recommend this to everyone!”

Tara Lloyd - Used Car Buyer at Fields Auto Group


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