Fully Customizable Used Vehicle Acquisition Strategy

  • Identify hundreds of individuals in your area listing their vehicles for sales online
  • Search for specific makes, models, and years across thousands of listings
  • Verify contact info including phone number and email
  • Generate dealer-customized text and email messages
  • Stagger messaging to private sellers throughout the day to keep pace
  • Capture responses from private sellers and auto-forward directly to your designated device via text and/or email
  • Get detailed reporting of responses from private sellers
  • Search private seller listings manually and automatically


CRM Integration

Enhance lead tracking and reduce data entry with inbound texts and calls sent seamlessly to your CRM for more efficient follow-up.

Call Recordings

Call recordings attached to leads reduce the need for entering notes in CRM.

Text-to-Email Vehicle Details

Inbound text message replies sent to your email for quick access and ease of use.

Call Whisper

Answer calls distinctly for private sellers with custom “call whisper” to help identify V.A.N. leads from others.

Text Reply Filter

Keep you and your team more productive with optional text filters to eliminate unwanted replies such as responses from other dealers, vehicles already sold or salvaged, negative/offensive language, and more.

Dynamic Search

Locate listed vehicles based on any desired criteria such as geographic location, make, model, trim, color, miles. etc.

Supported by VAN

Franchise Dealers

Independent Dealers

RV Dealers

Motorcycle Dealers


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