About Us

V.A.N. was born out of the need to acquire more of the right vehicles

The right vehicles are the ones that sell the fastest (quick turn) and yield the highest return on investment.  In our case, were the vehicles that were under $12,000.  Often the vehicles that fit this price point are only obtainable from trade-ins.  Sourcing quick turn, high ROI vehicles at auction are often “someone else’s problems”.  Fast turning, low investment vehicles are often not found at auction without a significant cost of reconditioning.

Buying cars direct from private sellers was and is the solution.  The challenge is the time and effort involved with communicating with private sellers.  We have made this process very efficient.

V.A.N. is Exclusive

A. Be the only dealer in your market with THIS SOLUTION!
B. You aren’t a client, You’re a PARTNER!
C. We only want dealers with good people and GREAT processes!

V.A.N. is Evolved

A. Add the Consumer to your acquisition strategy for better margins.
B. Utilize text messaging for high engagement with local consumers selling their vehicles
C. Reply to responding text messages via email or CRM

V.A.N. is Effective

A. 35%-plus combined text/call response rate nationally
B. Top Performers are achieving 150+ consumer vehicle purchases monthly at a $400 per unit higher gross average
C. Robust reporting allows you to monitor your team’s effectiveness in minutes