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Word Tracks and Why They Are Critical [VIDEO]

Inbound calls have long been a pain point for dealers, a problem often noted by BDC training and call tracking companies. Without a proper structure in place and adequate training and coaching, the customer experience can be not only ineffective, but also negative and counter-constructive.

What leads to this? A lack focus and direction and wrong or misleading information are primary causes. When these things occur, the integrity of the experience is in jeopardy, and it will vary from agent to agent.

Additionally, a lack of performance monitoring and measuring makes it difficult if not impossible to improve.

One of the best ways to address this is through the use of clearly defined word tracks. Professional well-crafted word tracks and rebuttals make it possible:

  • To be professional, consistent, and scalable, instilling confidence in your agents.
  • For your team to focus on responses that isolate and overcome objections.
  • To manage performance by metrics.

Dealers may be reluctant to do the initial heavy lifting of crafting and implementing word tracks with their team, but when you do then you can expect to see results – more appointments set, more appointments showing, and more deals made.

In this video, you will get a feel for the conversation we had recently with VAN Dealer Advocate Mark Curcio, who works in tandem with VAN Dealer Partners on implementing best practices like this.

During the webinar, Mark covers 6 Key Elements of the Inbound Phone Word Track:

  1. The Greeting
  2. Getting the Green Light
  3. The Seller Assessment
  4. Providing Value Range
  5. Setting the Appointment
  6. Not Setting the Appointment

Each of these 6 elements of the inbound call plays a pivotal role in the overall objective of brining in private sellers to your dealership that are likely to walk out satisfied and happy.

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