What is a typical buying percentage?

Buying percentages vary based on processes and staff. Some of our stores report that 10-40% of phone calls end up as acquisitions, however Buying Center, Dedicated Buyer, Salespeople, BDC, and Dedicated Staff lead by a used car veteran seem to have the most success.

What is a typical response percentage from the sellers?

The percentage from sellers vary by market. However, a 36% combined texts and calls are the national average.

Is it legal to text private sellers?

Based on the definition of “Implied Consent” you can contact one’s personal number if they have provided it and you are trying to buy something that they are selling.

Does our system pick up Wholesalers and Dealers posting as private sellers?

The system builds a database that is based on phone numbers. If there are more than 3 listings with the same phone number those vehicles are blocked.

Does our system text people more than once?

The V.A.N. system will text an individual only one time every 30 days.

Why is V.A.N. exclusive?

V.A.N. is exclusive in our belief that the best experience is from both a consumer and dealer’s perspective. We strive to ensure the consumer is not getting multiple texts from different dealers.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Friendly and helpful staff, not afraid of a little hard work, will succeed with the V.A.N. system.

How do you handle customers with payoffs?

The same as you would with any other customer; offer the best solution you can and be prepared to think creatively.

What is the percentage of duplication with I.C.O.?

Our data indicates that less than 1% is due to duplication with I.C.O.

What advantages are there for a customer to sell to a dealer?

FAST, SAFE and EASY! A “Cash Buyer” can turn an offer into money quickly and the consumer saves time. “Time is Money!”

How long has V.A.N. been around?

V.A.N. was originally built over 5 years ago and was incorporated in early 2014.

Do I have to have dedicated people?

Our entire staff is dedicated to helping grow and build your acquisition business. Hopefully you have a staff that is willing to do the same at your dealership.

How much follow up is entailed?

A good follow up process is almost always the best practice. We believe follow up is the difference between being good and being great in the acquisition space.

How is it different than I.C.O.?

I.C.O. utilizes an opt-in process; V.A.N. does not. Our system can contact every vehicle listed for sale on-line in each market area.

How does V.A.N. break out these “exclusive territories” you talk about?

Territories are based on how many vehicles are available FSBO in each area and zoned based on proximity to the dealer’s market area. This is usually a 20-mile radius.