Preview of New Inventory Search and Filter Features on VAN 2.0 [VIDEO]

Last month during our VAN University Best Practices and Training Webinar, we showcased the new Inventory tool in great detail, providing several key examples of how to utilize the custom fields for filtering and sorting vehicle listings. During the webinar, you also get a glimpse of other new features such as quick links to that original listings, and the ability to change communication status.

Closing the Gap in Vehicle Worth with Private Sellers

Sometimes the biggest obstacle in putting a new car deal together is how much that car is worth in the mind of the consumer and the mind of a dealer. There’s a gap that has to be closed to make a deal, and in this video, ACV Auctions Director Stu Zalud talks about the importance of utilizing the right products and tools to profitably source used vehicles from private sellers.

How to Improve Your “Look-to-Book” Appraisal Effectiveness [VIDEO]

Historically, dealers have offered practically no transparency for consumers during the vehicle trade-in process. But the internet has changed the way people shop and make decisions. Nowadays, transparency with consumers during the vehicle trade and appraisal process is critical. This video offers a preview of our conversation with industry veteran Ed French from AutoProfit about improving your appraisal effectiveness, or “Look-to-Book.”

Dealer Success – Josh Winders, Inventory Director, Nelson Auto Group

Nelson Auto Group Inventory Director Josh Winders leads a team of 10 buyers across 4 locations in Oklahoma, sourcing nearly 200 used vehicles each month from private party sellers. Vehicle Acquisition Network plays a significant role in this process, and recently we had an opportunity to meet with Josh to find out first hand what circumstances led to the formation of their acquisition business, what it means, and where it’s headed. This is Josh’s story.

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