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The Acquisition Council

The Acquisition Council, takes a deep dive intobest practices and technologies to help your dealership evolve its street purchase strategies.

Current Episodes

How to Best Optimize 3rd Party Selling Channels

Mark and Tom discuss some of the key strategies for getting the most out of these platforms. If you're looking for actionable advice on how to get the most out of your third-party lead channels, this is an episode you won't want to miss.


Bidding Strategies for Private Sellers

Tom and Mark discuss in great detail bidding strategies for private sellers. They put forth the idea that each dealer has a different strategy for each channel that they purchase, and each channel for acquiring inventory has a slightly different approach. 


The Profit Potential in Private Vehicle Acquisition

Mark and Tom put forth the idea that although the shortages of new cars are our current reality, the profit margins for dealers selling new and used vehicles have increased significantly. They also express that although many dealers are finding it harder to purchase vehicles from consumers, dealers must be willing to engage and follow up and stick with the seller in order to be successful.


Documenting Your Street Purchase Strategy

Tom and Mark answer questions in this episode on several facets of the documentation process and why it’s so critical to dealer’s business to build these out, thoroughly and thoughtfully.


Finding Your Vehicle Acquisition Champion

Mark and Tom fromVAN discuss how to identify the right candidate to run your vehicle acquisition and street purchases strategies. It is crucial to have an acquisition champion in order to develop a strategy for your dealership if you want it to be effective and efficient when acquiring private party vehicles.


The Follow Up

Mark and Tom dive into follow-up best practices when communicating with private sellers online and over the phone.


The Insiders Extra with Ed French 

A bonus episode for our series. We had an impromptu meet-up with our good friend and industry ally Ed French and the conversations were definitely episode worthy! Tom Gregg, Mark Curcio and Ed French chop up the latest on street purchase strategies.


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