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Interview with Aaron Gomez, Remarketing Director at Epic Auto Sales

The used car business is changing fast and dealers that aren’t embracing a new mindset are likely to be left behind. Just ask Aaron Gomez, Remarketing Director at Epic Auto Sales in Houston, TX.

The first video below includes a few of the highlights that came out of our recent interview with Aaron, giving listeners a glimpse of the topics and ideas we explored. The second video is the extended version.

Questions include:

1) What is the “New Mind Set?”
2) How can dealers apply this way of thinking to used cars?
3) Why a consumer would want to sell their car to a dealer?

“The wholesale market is completely different from the way it was even just a few years. We are seeing dealers unable to acquire all the used vehicles they need from the auctions. One of the more effective ways for us to provide our dealers with the vehicles they need is to offer great value to customers off the street.”

“You can’t leave the customers out,” says Aaron. Give them top dollar for the cars and then find those cars a new home be it retail or wholesale.

Trailer Version

Full Version

The premise of this interview was for Aaron to share his initial experiences using VAN’s fully customizable used vehicle acquisition strategy. Epic Auto Sales partnered with VAN earlier in the year and has been utilizing the network to build a more profitable used car strategy around buying more vehicles from private sellers.

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