Articles by Mark Curcio

What percentage of market value should you be offering to private sellers?

One of the key subjects of acquiring vehicles from private sellers is knowing what to offer for the vehicle at what point in the process. Establishing guidelines for using a cost-to-market percentage, providing price transparency, […]

Guest Experience: Why It Matters and How it Impacts Your Bottom Line By Mark Curcio

Recently, while traveling for business, the unexpected happened, as it often does. While driving on the freeway at about 75 miles per hour we had a tire blowout. It was a hot day and we […]

Four Ways to Improve Pre-Owned Efficiency

Managing modern pre-owned operations in a profitable manner has become an increasingly difficult venture in today’s competitive and aggressive market. Finding quality vehicles that can be priced to move quickly has become more expensive than […]

‘Alternative’ Perspectives on Sourcing Pre-Owned Inventory

Obtaining clean, preowned inventory that is market oriented is one of the biggest challenges that dealerships face in today’s competitive environment. As pre-owned and CPO sales continue to climb at dealerships, the challenge to keep […]

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